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ASTM 50Cr50NiCb/50Cr50NiNb

ASTM 50Cr50NiCb/50Cr50NiNb

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The high quality USA ASTM 50Cr50NiCb/50Cr50NiNb material is one of the more steel grades we supply, ASTM ASTM A560/A560M,Standard Specification for Castings, Chromium-Nickel Alloy. 50Cr50NiCb/50Cr50NiNb is our main production grade, which has been approved by customers in many countries since its initial production, including our 50Cr50NiCb/50Cr50NiNb round bars, flat bar, forgings, fasteners, tubes, wires, strips, sheets & Plates, as well as a variety of profiles, professional high precision auto-lathe processing manufacturer of clinching fasteners, axes, standoffs, screws, studs, nuts, bolt, OEM parts and special shaped turning partsthe state of delivery includes quenched and tempered, annealed, machined semi-finished products, we also have strict management of the packaging, to avoid material damage from transportation. We are the best supplier of 50Cr50NiCb/50Cr50NiNb materials, and we are willing to develop together with customers from all over the world.

Also includes 50Cr50NiCb/50Cr50NiNb steel material norm, chemical composition, mechanical properties, datasheet, 50Cr50NiCb/50Cr50NiNb equivalent, heat treatment and temperature process of 50Cr50NiCb/50Cr50NiNb, The peak hardness can be achieved, Contains all of the specification, welding properties, let us in 50Cr50NiCb/50Cr50NiNb this steel grade have a more comprehensive understanding, Download the full 50Cr50NiCb/50Cr50NiNb PDF version of this datasheet.

Chemical composition (wt.%) of 50Cr50NiCb/50Cr50NiNb

Elements Min.(≥) Max.(≤)
C - 0.10
Mn - 0.30
Si - 0.50
P - 0.02
S - 0.02
N - 0.16
Nitrogen+Carbon - 0.20
Fe - 1.00
Ti - 0.50
Al - 0.25
Cb - 1.4–1.7
Cr - 47.0–52.0
Ni - Balance

Mechanical Properties of 50Cr50NiCb/50Cr50NiNb

Rp0.2 (MPa) Rm (MPa) Impact
KV (J)
A (%)
A Z (%) Delivery Hardness HB
123 (≥) 575 (≥) 22 12 23 Solution & Aging, Ann, Ausaging, Q+T 343
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