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GB GH1167

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The high quality China GB GH1167 material is one of the more steel grades we supply, Iron-based superalloy. GH1167 is our main production grade, which has been approved by customers in many countries since its initial production, including our GH1167 round bars, flat bar, forgings, fasteners, tubes, wires, strips, sheets & Plates, as well as a variety of profiles, professional high precision auto-lathe processing manufacturer of clinching fasteners, axes, standoffs, screws, studs, nuts, bolt, OEM parts and special shaped turning partsthe state of delivery includes quenched and tempered, annealed, machined semi-finished products, we also have strict management of the packaging, to avoid material damage from transportation. We are the best supplier of GH1167 materials, and we are willing to develop together with customers from all over the world.

Also includes GH1167 steel material norm, chemical composition, mechanical properties, datasheet, GH1167 equivalent, heat treatment and temperature process of GH1167, The peak hardness can be achieved, Contains all of the specification, welding properties, let us in GH1167 this steel grade have a more comprehensive understanding, Download the full GH1167 PDF version of this datasheet.

Chemical composition (wt.%) of GH1167

Elements Min.(≥) Max.(≤)
C - 0.08
Cr 13.0 16.0
Mo 1.5 2.5
Ni 36.0 40.0
W 5.0 6.5
Al 1.4 2.0
Ti 2.6 3.4
B - 0.01
Fe - Remainder
Mn - 0.5
Si - 0.5
Ce - 0.02
Zr - 0.05

Mechanical Properties of GH1167

Rp0.2 (MPa) Rm (MPa) Impact
KV (J)
A (%)
A Z (%) Delivery Hardness HB
781 (≥) 455 (≥) 14 42 22 Solution & Aging, Ann, Ausaging, Q+T 321
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